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Project oriented and aimed at results.


Despite maintained confidentiality ...

Secrecy of vital data at product development is paramount. In fact, it is this difference between you and your competitors which determines your success on the market. Therefore, it is not easy to show our achievements in detail and descriptions are necessarily in general terms. But, we can certainly mention our relations and principals:


... some facts about a gasmeter.

Simulation result of gasstream.

An impression of the dynamical profile in the gasmeter.

There are several possibilities to measure how much natural gas you are consuming. The most famous one is the mechanical gasmeter as present in many households. Besides that, it is also possible, at least theoretically, to determine the gasflow by ultrasonic or thermal means. However, this is not as simple as it may seem due to variations in ambient temperature and gas composition. In order to gain a good insight in the problems at hand it was necessary to construct a model in which the dynamics of the process and the development of the flow were treated on a equal footing. (For those familiar with the matter, such a problem cannot be dealt with using a standard CFD approach).


... a discussion about a commercial detection system.

Representation of detected commercials on a radio station.

Profile of recognition for several commercials.

It is not a simple task to register all commercials broadcasted by radio by hand. Bèta Research constructed a system which automates this process. For each radio channel that is being tracked all known and unknown commercials are registered in a database. Several radio channels are served simultaneously by one server and operator. The system is composed of several applications and runs continuously under Windows NT.


... insight in the flow determination of liquids.

Design for bubblecounter.

flow velocity meter for microflows.

The flow for a liquid stream may be determined in several ways. The thermal method, which makes use of the asymmetry in the thermal conductivity is popular. However, this method cannot be used when the composition of the liquid varies with time. Conducting a short literature study revealed a method which makes use of an air bubble captured in a secondary stream. [G. Schnell, Med. Biol. Eng. Computing, vol 35, 1997]